This is a very special update. Alannah recently received a long awaited update; a gorgeous set of completely refurbished BBS E28 3 piece wheels, with a full set of sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sports to help keep her racking up Kms in style. With a very aggressive yet street-able size setup; 18x8 on a 225 tire on the front and 18x10 running 255 in the rear for all you wondering, Alannah has taken on a whole new character, and she's for some new gold touches to match!

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The i8 does not have a trunk, nor a frunk. The front compartment on BMW's electric hybrid supercar is basically just for funnelling air through that big radiator and improving aerodynamics. The front compartment is not usually user-accessible, however the client wanted a Showroom Clean car and at DK that means we clean everything. Here are a few photos of the BMW i8's front compartment for anyone that has ever wondered what it looks like in there.

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Factory clean never lasts. But DK can help clean and/or refurbish your brake callipers (and the surrounding areas -of course) to the levels you wish. BrakeGuard calliper coating, alongside WheelGuard and ExhaustGuard among others, is also always a nice option to keep things looking this clean for long after.

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