Detail Koning Auto Studio is Your Personal Detailer in Noord Holland.

Specialized in Cleaning, Reconditioning,

and Coating of all autos.​

Based on the American concept of an all-in-one detailer, Detail Koning (or "DK") is where you can go for everything pertaining to your vehicles appearance.

From a minor clean-up to a complete reconditioning, or even a ceramic-glass coating of your vehicle, we got you covered!

At Detail Koning Auto Studio, we are here to make your automobile

look and shine like new.

Beyond our Detailing, Polishing, and Coating services DK offers a steady supply of high-quality, specifically chosen products to her clientele, notably 9ELEVEN Headlights brand modern optics for classic Porsche models, and Bufffiber exclusive detailer's microfibers. 

DK further assists select clientele with:

  • Vehicle Acquisition Services

  • Full Vehicle Refurbishment / Customization

  • Exotic Vehicle Storage

Detail King Auto Studio has more than 20 years of experience in everything related to cars, in various specializations and in several countries. Our experience and attention to detail in this profession is indispensable, and we are always ready to offer interesting and exciting projects to give ourselves, and our Auto Studio, time and again a challenge.

Detail Koning


“Stapsgewijze aanpak en de juiste materialen is wel het geheim van de smit”​


—Erik, klant: paint restoration

For Business

Do you have a car company or are you a car dealer and are you looking for a company that can support you in your daily work? Or are you looking for a company that can handle your car stock so that it is always ready for your customers?

Detail Koning Auto Studio is the top choice for both the private and business markets; for new cars as well as occasions.

We can support you in the

following areas:


  • Professional cleaning of cars

  • Wheel/Tire packages

  • Wrapping (have subcontracted)

  • Sticking / removing stickers

  • Paint repair

  • Polishing

  • Ceramic / NANO coatings

  • Acquisition/Sales

  • Custom builds

Come visit us!

Detail Koning Professional Auto Detailing Studio

Professioneel Auto Detailing


Parellaan 46
2132 WS Hoofddorp

Tel: 06 42 53 08 54

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