This G-wagon we named G-wen, pronounced Gwen, and she is the queen of corners. This car came to DK with normal scratches from daily usage, but the G-Wagon has a ton of different surface angles. This means it took a great deal of time to removal all the scratches, but the finished product is truly breathtaking.

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Leather car seats begin looking worn out with usage, normal ageing, and/or sun light. Whatever the reason, DK will get to work and refurbish those seats for you!

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This Mk2 996 Generation Porsche 911 Carrera 4 needed some of our own homegrown style of tender care. General scratches and stone chips where in abundance, with some major scars which required intensive paint filling and sanding to correct. The process of scratch removal takes several stages, such as wet-sanding, paint-filling, and polishing. DK is a specialist in scratch removal and general rejuvenation of your very own precious Heather.

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