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The DKblackDiamond package is a 9H ceramic-glass coating, this is essentailly the hardest-possible coating one can apply to a car. It will provide protection for 4-5 years depending on upkeep. The DKblackDiamond package will create an extremely hard protective coating that creates a depth increasing and mirror-like effect on paint. The 9H coating sharpens and deepens colours, making cars shine in bright new ways. The car will visually appear to have a layer of glass over it; because it does!

This gallery shows a 1992 Porsche 964 Targa in a avery rare PTS "Maritime Blue/RS Blue" with DKblackDiamond coating. With a repainted front end, and then ~30 hours of sanding and polishing on the rest, this car is absolutely gorgeous.

This gallery shows a 2008 Porsche 997 Carerra S in "Marineblue Metalic" is a stunner while wearing DKblackDIamond. Applied liberally after ~25 hours of scratch-removal, sanding, and polishing.

This gallery shows a 2011 Jaguar XE-S in "black hyper metallic" which received a painted front bumper, and ~20 hours of decontamination and polishing before sealing in that glory with a DKblackDiamond coating.

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The DKgold package is a 7H ceramic-glass coating. It will increase gloss, which makes the colours magnify and reflect like never before. This coating protects against light scratches and provides a degree of protection against daily-driving's dirt and grime. This coating will also make cleaing your car a simple and fun!

The DKgold coating will last for a maximum of 3 years, with upkeep.

This gallery shows a 1981 Porsche 911 3.0 SC with 'copper brown' metallic paint and DKgold 7H coating. This car required ~20 hours of prep time, involving wet sanding, polishing, and decontamination.

This gallery shows a 1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 in 'night blue' metallic with DKgold 7H coating. The front panels were repainted, and the entire car was prepped for ~12 hours of polishing and decontamination.

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The sun is out and the air smells like burnt rubber, yup we are at Supercar Sunday/ Porsche Paddock at Assen. Sharing a tent with our fellow Dutch Mayvinci detailer, Car Detailing Veldhoven. We brought all our favorite detailing products from BuffFiber, DS Covers, 9eleven headlights, and of course Mayvinci. If you made the trip to Assen this Sunday we are here to talk to you about what your specific car needs to shine like new. We hope you joined our fun atmosphere while DJ Houseslipperz mixes some tunes.

If you missed our tent or you just want to talk to us about our products, or our DJ, send us an email!

Anyone who sees us at Assen this Sunday please tag us!!

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