ceramic-glass coatings

With ceramic-glass coatings, your paint becomes not only reinforced and more scratch-resistant, but also deeper and glossier than ever before.

All treated parts become hydrophobic and dirt-repelling; staying cleaner, longer.

Additionally, coated cars become more protected against the

negative effects of weather and UV radiation. 

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3 years


5 years



what is our process?

The first step is to hand-wash and clay the car to removes particles before polishing, which takes up most of the work. 

Some areas may need to be refilled and sanded beforehand.

Once the car is as pristine as possible, we apply one of our Specialized Ceramic Coatings; the absolute best way to protect your investment.

Claying Process

​Step 1: Claying

Claying removes tiny particles from the surface, which preps the paint surface to be polished.

Polishing Process

​Step 2: Polishing

Polishing can take several days to remove all imperfections from the paint.

Coating process

​Step 3: Coating

Coating can be applied to exterior and interior planels when properly prepared.

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Special formula SiO2 coating which can withstand higher temperature 
brake coat
To fully refurbish each brake caliper, involves sanding and repainting, is an additional cost of €175 per caliper.  

Special formula SiO2 coating which can withstand higher temperature 

detailing services


I want it 

to stay perfect.

Other Options

Wax Upgrade

Applicable to all Detailing Packages.

All cars are finished with a standard wax lasting ~ 2 weeks. If you would like your wax to last longer we have the following options.

hand wax
100% carnauba-based wax creates deep shine, more UV-A and UV-B protection
polishing wax
specialty wax applied by polishing, increasing longevity and gloss
ceramic wax
unique ceramic infused formula giving unparalleled depth, gloss, and longevity.

Interior Deep Clean

Applicable to all Studio Packages

great for cars that smell strongly, like dog, smoke or even mold
deep stains on leather and cloth we have the best products which can pull those stubborn stains out of the fabric

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We want our customers to be satisfied when they take their cars home, but maintaining that level of shine and cleanliness is not easy. 


Therefore, we can develop a personalized service plan to keep your car clean and looking like new. We will develop a customized plan to meet your needs, which can be scheduled monthly. 


Many of our clients enjoy cleaning their car themselves and DK can help there in many ways too. From coating hard to reach places to minimizing cleaning work, we can help you enjoy your car for the long term.


We can also offer the best cleaning products for your individual car to clean at home. 

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