Luxury Ph-neutral soap hand-wash, soft cloth drying. Outer-face of rim cleaning. Window exterior cleaning. Vinyl- and tire-dressing.
Through vacuum, clean exposed surfaces, basic cleaning of storage compartments, windows (interior), door panels and switches.
This service gives both an exterior hand-wash, and interior cleaning and vacuuming. Window cleaning and basic cleaning of storage compartments, door panels and switches.
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Price List

DK Auto Studio 1 - Exterior Handwash

v/a €65

DK Auto Studio 2 - Interior Detailing

v/a €65

DK Auto Studio 3 - Interior & Exterior

v/a €115

DK Auto Studio 4 - Basic Detailing

v/a €150

Dk Auto Studio 5 - Showroom Clean

v/a €250

DK Auto Studio Excellent - Simply The Best

v/a €400

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Basic Detailing
A basic, yet thorough cleaning of every aspect of your vehicle. An exterior hand-wash, and interior cleaning and vacuuming as well as windows, storage compartments, door panels and switches are all cleaned. Complete rim cleaning. Vinyl- and tire-dressing.
Showroom Clean
A thorough cleaning of every aspect of your vehicle and a reconditioning of worn parts. The vehicle is polished to take away scratches and swirls on the exterior of the car. In addition, the rim is completely cleaned and vinyl-/ tire-dressing.
Excellent Detailing
A thorough cleaning of every aspect of your vehicle and a reconditioning of all parts. The vehicle is polished and a wax is applied to the exterior. As well there is a complete rim cleaning and vinyl-/tire-dressing.
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Other Options

Wax Upgrade

Applicable to all Studio Packages.

All cars are finished with a spray-on wax lasts ~ 2 weeks. If you would like a wax to last longer we have 3 options.

Hand Wax

100% carnauba-based wax creates a deep shine on any paint and offers a smooth and protective coating. 

(more UV-A and UV-B protection)

lasts ~1-2months

+ €15

Polishing Wax

Speciality wax set that is applied with a polisher. The heat increases longevity.

lasts 3 months

+ €25

Ceramic Wax

A unique ceramic infused formula that offers a lasting deep gloss

lasts +3-4 months

+ €35

Interior Deep Clean

Applicable to all Studio Packages

Ozone Treatment

This service is great for cars that smell strongly, be it wet dog, smoke, or even mold. This service requires 24 hours minimum.

starting at + €50


For deep stains on leather and cloth we have the best products which can pull those stubborn stains out of the fabric. This service requires 24 hours minimum. 

starting at + €50


Why DripWrap your car?

Wrapping your vehicle has been the go-to alternative to painting for some time now. Wrapping allows for a change of color that lasts as long as you want it to, with all types of special colors and effects to choose from!

For a fraction of the price of a traditional wrap, Spray-Wrapping allows for a greater freedom of colors tins and effects, matte or gloss finishes, and most importantly longevity! DripWrapping can be sealed in for a truly long-term effect that truly is an alternative to painting a car!

DripWrapping a set of wheels is a great way to quickly change the look of your car, and as painting a set of rims can cost thousands of euros, DripWrapping a full set starts at just € 600! This is also a great way to temporarily protect your rims when needed.

Price List

Category A

For example a Fiat 500, Peugeot 107, Mini Cooper or Renault Twingo. Camo colors / Custom €150 (extra time requested/required)

From € 650

Category B

For example Volkswagen Golf, Audi R8, Opel astra or BMW 3 series. Camo colors / Custom €200 (extra time requested/required)

From € 850

Category C

For example Volvo S60, BMW 5 series, Mercedez E63 or Ford Mustang. Camo colors / Custom €250 (extra time requested/required)

From € 1000

SUV Category

For example BMW X6, Hummer H3, Chevrolet Avalanche or Porsche Cayenne. Camo colors / Custom €350 (extra time requested/required)

From € 1250

Motorcycle Category

Camo colors / Custom €100 (extra time requested/required)

From €375

Rim Category

Camo colors / Custom €35 per rim (extra time requested/required)

From € 150 per rim

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We want our customers to be satisfied when they take their cars home, but maintaining that level of shine and cleanliness is not easy. 


Therefore, we can develop a personalized service plan to keep your car clean and looking like new. We will develop a customized plan to meet your needs, which can be scheduled monthly. 


Many of our clients enjoy cleaning their car themselves and DK can help there in many ways too. From coating hard to reach places to minimizing cleaning work, we can help you enjoy your car for the long term.


We can also offer the best cleaning products for your individual car to clean at home. 


Schiphol Airport



Are you going on holiday or on a business trip and are you flying from Schiphol Airport?

Then we offer you a unique service to have your car treated during your trip by Detail Koning Auto Studio.


You can bring your car to Schiphol airport or to our studio by appointment, where we go over it together and put together or select a package that will be carried out in the time you are away. You enjoy your holiday or your business trip and your car benefit from the detailed treatment of your choice.


If desired, we will take you to the airport and pick you up if necessary. Our studio is 10-15 minutes drive from Schiphol. We offer 24-hour delivery and pick-up at Schiphol's department hall.


The package starts at €175, which includes a Studio 4 detailing and 4 days of free parking in an enclosed and projected building. For additional parking days, the fee is €35 per day. 


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