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9ELEVEN Headlights was borne from the mind of inventor, designer, and engineer Mr. Lee del Rosario. Over the years, he has designed and developed several products for a variety of different companies and industries, with his true passion being the Porsche 911.

As an inventor, Mr. del Rosario began experimenting with the first prototype in 2010. In 2011, he had developed a working solution and began offering custom fixtures along with other products to local performance shops and private clientele.

The design evolved. Little by little it was refined until he had engineered a fixture that became truly unique and most importantly, did not require any modifications. This breakthrough fueled the requests for his design concepts until he finally decided to create a team of professionals to help properly promote them directly to the public. Together, we’d like to introduce 9ELEVEN headlights.


Nothing Else Comes Close

When designing any product, DR Design LLC strongly believes in a concept we refer to as the 360 theory. No matter what the geometry is, each product should look and feel finished. Form follows function, but it should look best when viewed at any angle. Parts that can be protected should be protected, even if you don’t see it. This is the definition of a quality product and exactly what you get with 9ELEVEN headlights. Nothing else comes close.

Creating new products are only possible when putting a tremendous amount of passion, thought, and effort into them. It is extremely easy to copy, but designing products from scratch, researching materials, and applying the latest technologies takes time. Innovation is difficult work and these fixtures are only the beginning of what we offer and are just one example of what is yet to come.

All fixtures are assembled by hand and thoroughly inspected and tested before packaged or sold. A serial number is also issued to each set along with a warranty that covers the finish and construction along with a storage pouch for the OEM fixtures when removed. With 9ELEVEN Headlights, you get more than what you pay for with a product that projects years of knowledge and reflects years of pride. These are the only “ patented” solution for vintage 911s and are designed and handcrafted in the USA. You will not find cheaply made, retrofitted aftermarket motorcycle or Jeep headlights here and you never will.

Patent No. D779,692S, along with other patents pending 29/591,349

Free Fixture Design and Consultation Services

Free In house Installation. Please ask for details.

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