• The RAVEN S Chrome is not only sleek, but intelligent as well. The RAVEN S Chrome is the only fixture available specifically designed for older 911 models that houses all the electronics and components necessary to automatically switch from daytime driving to night at the pull of a switch. In addition to the active DRL features, the fixture also houses a very discrete yet powerful turn signal. With no need to modify anything, installation takes 15 mins to complete and all fixtures are pre-leveled for your convenience. Each fixture comes with the latest in high output DOT/ECE approved Bi LED optics resulting in a sharp, bright and defined beam pattern. The RAVEN S is handcrafted in our signature quilted aluminum and parts are professionally coated in the same finishes / colors as Fifteen52’s Outlaw series wheels. Our H4 styled lenses are double coated with a specially designed epoxy process known as “Hard Coating”. Commonly used in the Aerospace industry, this special coating is very durable, will withstand numerous road conditions, will not scratch easy and most of all, maximizes clarity. Better than glass, its use makes each lens virtually unbreakable and clean even when the vehicle itself is dirty thanks to its antistatic properties. Unlike standard plastic type lenses where constant polishing is required, this coating is safe to clean with any standard non-abrasive cleaning solutions such as Windex and will last for many years to come.

    All RAVEN S series are a direct plug and play, meaning there are no wires to run, components to mount, or holes to drill. A specially designed harness comes with each set that is a direct plug and play with two “self tapping” additional wires to activate the DRL and turn signal features. We offer free installation at our shop! A trained professional can install and have you on the road in no time. Your set also comes with their own storage pouch that safely holds your original OEM fixtures or your new ones, should you decide to switch them out.  



    WEIGHT 11 lbs
    DIMENSIONS 24 × 12 × 10 in

    Chrome Lexan and high gloss polished aluminum


    H4 styled double hard coated clear automotive grade plastic


    Handcrafted quilted aluminum / finished in satin black


    Handcrafted four-pointed oval aluminum / High gloss polished with stainless steel accents


    High output DOT/ ECE approved 25w 3” Bi LED










    3.0 lbs per fixture


    5 Years


    Designed and Made in USA

    Raven SS Chrome

    € 2.700,00Price
    Car Model
    Plug Option
    Retainer Ring

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