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getting to know the black diamond

The DKblackDiamond package is a 9H ceramic-glass coating, this is essentailly the hardest-possible coating one can apply to a car. It will provide protection for 4-5 years depending on upkeep. The DKblackDiamond package will create an extremely hard protective coating that creates a depth increasing and mirror-like effect on paint. The 9H coating sharpens and deepens colours, making cars shine in bright new ways. The car will visually appear to have a layer of glass over it; because it does!

This gallery shows a 1992 Porsche 964 Targa in a avery rare PTS "Maritime Blue/RS Blue" with DKblackDiamond coating. With a repainted front end, and then ~30 hours of sanding and polishing on the rest, this car is absolutely gorgeous.

This gallery shows a 2008 Porsche 997 Carerra S in "Marineblue Metalic" is a stunner while wearing DKblackDIamond. Applied liberally after ~25 hours of scratch-removal, sanding, and polishing.

This gallery shows a 2011 Jaguar XE-S in "black hyper metallic" which received a painted front bumper, and ~20 hours of decontamination and polishing before sealing in that glory with a DKblackDiamond coating.

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