Ceramic-Glass Coatings

So, what does

it do?


Long-term protection.


Protects paint from scratching and chipping. 


Less water = less dirt

Why Ceramic Coating?

When your car is coated it becomes extremely protected against the effects of weather and UV radiation.

The paint of your car becomes reinforced by applying a hard coating, and thus more impact and scratch resistant.

All treated parts, windows as well as the paintwork, become hydrophobic and dirt-repellent, so they stay clean longer.

Damage to the vehicle is greatly reduced, with permanent damage almost impossible.

How do we do this?

The first step is to hand-wash and clay the car to removes particles before polishing, which takes up most of the work. 

Some areas may need to be refilled and sanded beforehand.

Once the car is as pristine as possible, we apply one of our Specialized Ceramic Coatings; the absolute best way to protect your investment.

Claying Process

​Step 1: Claying

Claying removes tiny particles from the surface, which preps the paint surface to be polished.

Polishing Process

​Step 2: Polishing

Polishing can take several days to remove all imperfections from the paint.

Coating process

​Step 3: Coating

Mayvinci coating can be done on the car paint, headlights, windows, rubber, rims, brake calipers, and even exhausts.

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Ceramic Coating Levels


1 years of protection

Coating thickness: 2-3 µm

Entry level coating

Base-level UV protection and enhances gloss.

This is not scratch-resistant.


18 months of protection

Coating thickness: 2-3 µm

Titanium level coating consists of Si O2 linked nano particles chemically bound to create a membrane with a wax like appearance.

The extreme low surface energy of its film resists the adhesion of daily grime


3 years of protection

Coating thickness: 3-4 µm

Gold level coating is a breakthrough product made of aqueous ceramic SiO2 chemistry. This provides a matrix membrane and this forms a solid connection, making water and dirt hardly stick. 

This coating will protect your paint and make it brilliantly glossy.  Plus this coating will also make it easier to clean your vehicle!


5 years of protection

Coating thickness: 4-5 µm

Platinum level coating is nano-ceramic coating, which offers maximum reflection of your paint at all angles. A deposited ingredient in the coating also absorbs UV, causing it to re-emit UV as heat and light with a longer wavelength.

This amazing coating creates a low surface energy which has antistatic properties to oil, water and dust. 

Price List


v/a €1700-


v/a €995-