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Welcome to our premier car storage facility where we provide top-tier storage conditions tailored to your needs. Our services extend beyond mere storage - with the option for professional cleaning and polishing available, ensuring your vehicle attains and remains in pristine condition throughout its stay with us.

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Short-term storage

Tailored for the business as well as family-holiday travelers, this package is adjusted per client to fit your needs. From a day to a month, we can ensure the secure storage of your vehicle for a short term period.

€20 a day up to 5 days 

€18 a day up to 2 weeks

€15 a day up to a month


Seasonal Storage

Wether you need your convertible stored during the harsh winter months, or you'd like your classic car to be safe and sound outside of show-season, This multi-month package is designed for you. €900 per 3 month period


Long-Term Storage

Storage for extended, unlimited periods of time. €350 per month, minimum 6 months (12 months)

Collection upkeep

For those with a multitude of cars to care for, we can help.

We have the ability to care for multiple vehicles in our pristine location, which includes the ability to maintain and restore at the clients direction. This can be tailored to your car collections specific needs. With our specialise spanning a vast range of high-end brands, we are perfectly suited to store and maintain anything from one specific one sentential vehicle, up to a multi-vehicle collection for our clients. Due to the specific requirements each collection has, we request you contact us for a customise package.

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